Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge: Ice the Tension, Elevate Your Essence

Plunge into ice cold water and emerge feeling clear, calm, and present. Embrace a new sense of lightness as tension from your mind and body release. Cold therapy improves both your physical and mental wellbeing. Evolve into your highest state of being.

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Health Benefits of Cold Plunges

Recommended Use:
11 minutes total per week is a recommended for maximum benefits. How you reach this is up to you! Most enjoy 2-4 sessions lasting 1-5 minutes each.

Uplift Mood

Relieve anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that exposure to cold increases levels of dopamine and endorphins by 250%. Feel euphoric while heightening mental clarity and focus. Cold water also activates the parasympathetic nervous system that relaxes the body, making you feel calm.

Reduce Stress and Build Emotional Resilience

Reduce cortisol–the primary stress hormone. By meaningfully exposing yourself to the cold, you are building a resilience to stress by regulating the fight or flight response. This allows you to respond to stressful situations with a sense of inner calm.

Decrease Inflammation and Muscle Soreness

As blood vessels constrict there’s less blood flow, resulting in a decrease in inflammation and pain. As the body warms up, blood circulates bringing healing nutrients and oxygen to areas that need to recover. The release of endorphins also helps ease pain.

Weight Loss

When immersed in the cold, the body works hard to maintain internal temperature. During the process, metabolic rate increases and calories are burned in order to produce heat for the body. Regular plunging increases the metabolic rate as much as 16%. Regular cold exposure transforms white fat cells into brown ones– these little powerhouses burn fat without needing to break a sweat.


Increase lymphatic drainage to help remove waste from your body.

Enhance Mental Alertness

Invigorate the nervous system to increase mental alertness and cognitive function.

Regulate Body Temperature

Cold plunging turns white fat into brown fat to regulate body temperature. Brown fat helps to insulate the body and keep you warm. With brown fat the body burns more calories in a resting state. Brown fat decreases with age–cold plunging can restore levels above what they were when young.

Improve Circulation

The low-impact environment gives your body time to rest and recuperate, and gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear, strengthening your body’s immune response.

Boost Immunity

Look and feel younger.
Mineral-rich Epsom salts naturally exfoliate your skin, and strengthen your hair and nails.

It hydrates and softens your skin. Helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also helping with conditions such as psoriasis.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The sensory deprivation of the flotation tank environment has been shown to heighten the senses post-float and even lead to increased sensory acuity for days following.

Enhance Skin Health

Float pods have seen much success as an aid to those with insomnia or other sleep disorders. The sensory deprivation allows the brain a natural calm-down period, aiding those who have trouble entering this period naturally. Floating can even be used to alleviate feelings of “jet-lag” caused by changes in time zones or reset sleep schedules for those needing to do so to maintain a healthy level of sleep.