MTM On The Road: Mount Pleasant’s New Pure Vitality Juice Bar & Spa [9&10 News]

IMG 6628 | Pure Vitality

Stress. We all feel it.

Sometimes it can be motivating, but over the course of time experiencing stress without relief can cause serious harm your health.

That’s what a new spa in Mount Pleasant is trying to change.

They offer natural and relaxing experiences at an affordable cost to help you unwind.

The name of the refreshing sanctuary? Pure Vitality Juice Bar & Spa.

It’s an environmentally friendly business that offers infrared saunas, massages, float pods and healthy beverages.

Wake up and experience pure relaxation live from the spa with Sarah Grimmer and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins!

Click the link below to view the video clips that were featured in the 9&10 News: