About Us

Pure Vitality is a family owned and operated company dedicated to serving the community and promoting the greater good.

We care about you and your health:
Relaxing, detoxing, and getting the nutrients we need are three key factors to healthy living. In today’s busy world these things can be difficult to achieve. That is why we wanted to make it easy! We pride ourselves on providing services that are a natural, convenient way for you to regain your health and feel your best. As soon as you enter the door, feel yourself relax as you’re greeted by a friendly smile and welcoming environment that makes you feel like you are on vacation. No matter your lifestyle, Pure Vitality has something to offer you. After all, everyone deserves to live life well!

We care about the environment:
All of our single use products are 100% biodegradable, as they are made from plants! Our services are also environmentally sustainable. Much of our decor, including the pendant lights down the hall, are made from recycled materials. Cork is featured throughout the building due to the fact it is 100% sustainably harvested. We also took our time to refurbish the original 19th century tin in an effort to preserve the history and original character of the building.

Stop in and fuel your lifestyle today!

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